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Woopera - Free Customer Tracking Tools & Analytics

By KaleemK
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Woopera - Free Customer Tracking Tools & Analytics

Woopera is a live tracker and a customer analytics tools, which is used by marketing, management, sales and service teams. It integrates with other SaaS and PaaS systems which can be further converted into triggers based on group or individual activity. Woopera works in the same way as google analytics.

It places a code in your website / platform, which collects the information of every visiting customer and reports it in the Woopera dashboard.

The free version has the following specs:

  • 500K actions/mo
  • 90-day data retention
  • Core Analytics
  • 30+ integrations

Woopera offers the following to it's users:

  • Journey Analytic Reports - Track every step in the customer's journey on your website
  • Trends Analytic Reports - Analyze results by multiple dimensions such as location, subscription type, version and more
  • Retention of Analytic Reports - Analytic data retention for longer periods of time for historical comparision
  • Multiple integrations of features like mailchimp, live chat and many more
  • Comprehensive profile for every user in real time
  • Automate personalization, engagement and tasks in dozens of tools

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