Mixpanel - Free Product Analytics for Mobile & Web

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Mixpanel - Free Product Analytics for Mobile & Web

Mixpanel is a free online tool which helps you create better products by using your website / platform users' data. It provides tools for targeted communication with customers using their web and mobile interactions data. The data collected by Mixpanel is used to measure user engagement, retention and to build custom reports of user activities. 

It helps you to acknowledge which features of your platform are popular, who your users are and what their behaviours are, for how long and what types of users stick around your platform.

Their free plan has the following specs:

  • 100K monthly tracked users
  • Unlimited data history & seats
  • Core reports (including Flows)
  • Data dictionary
  • US or EU data residency
  • Monitoring & alerts

Common features of the Mixpanel are:

Integration - It can read data directly from any data source. No need to build processess to send data

Interactive Reports - Discover the actions user take when they sign up or make a purchase and what difficulties they face 

Dashboard - Use a dashboard to monitor all your product key performance indicators in one place

Trend Reports - Create new properties based on user activity to perform the actions

Group Analytics - Calculate metrics at the account or company level, like action usage, retention and product adoption

Data Management - It removes the clutter, merge duplicates, remove unnecessary data and helps you create the analytics easy to take action on.