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Free Listing
Free Listing for any content, which is free to use for end users for life. This includes the services, which offer life time free plans in addition to the paid plans. *
Cost: $0.00
Premium Listing
Listing any item, which is not free to use for end users, requires a small yearly fee. You will get the option to make the payment after submitting your listing. **
Cost: $24.00/year

* The free plan should allow the user to access the resulting product completely without too many restrictions for life. For example, a video editing software, which allows the free users to create a video, but does not allow downloading, allows only a few video downloads one time or places watermarks on the videos does not fulfill this criteria. This is more like a Free Trial only.

** After creating a Paid Listing, you will get the option to make the payment via Credit Card or PayPal (Powered by 2Checkout).

After payment, your listing will be reviewed and published by us (if it fulfills the required criteria) in approx. 1-2 business days.

Click here to read our refund policy.