Google Analytics - Free Data Analytics for Your Website

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Google Analytics - Free Data Analytics for Your Website

Google Analytics is a tool, which tracks and reports website traffic, for you to make smarter decisions for your business. It gives you the ability to track your website's activities such as session durations, pages per sessions, visitors data, visitors duration and many more. Google Analytics helps you find your website's most visiting pages, so you can set goals on pages such as lead generation, sales, products, etc. You can aslo track your sales activites and performance by Google Analytics E-commerce. It helps marketers to build up a good marketing strategy. 

The main features that Google Analytics provides are:

  • Analytics Intelligence - Uncover insights about how your busniess is performing.
  • Reporting - See users interaction with your website and easily share reports using variety of tools.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization - Provide ways to access, visualize and organize data according to your business needs.
  • Data Collection and Management - Collects more data and make it easier for you to manage in a single place
  • Integrations - For increasing efficency and saving time, it is designed to work with other partner products and google solutions