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Word Document to HTML Online Converter

By KhalilR
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Word Document to HTML Online Converter

It is a free Word to Html converter with easy switch between code and source tabs and built-in code cleaning features. You can easily convert any document like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs, Sheets and many more. This tool can also be used for cleaning a current document/markup or building a new one from the scratch.

Main Features

  • Removes style attributes from each tag.
  • Removes empty tags with no values.
  • Clear successive non-breaking spaces and leave only one instance.
  • Get rid of tag attributes (except href of links and src of images).
  • Strip classes and IDs.
  • Wipe off elements that contain only a   character.
  • Dislodge HTML comments.
  • Convert the document to plain text.
  • Additional controls like Undo, new page, indent markup, compress, activate encoding, etc.

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