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Codepip - Learn to Code by Playing Games

By KhalilR
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Codepip - Learn to Code by Playing Games

Codepip helps people learn to code by gaming. They believe that games can be one of the most interesting & effective ways to learn coding. Games can provide fun and challenging path to mastery. You just have to create an account to explore vairety of latest coding games, track your achievements and progress from anywhere you want.

Popular Games

  • Cascade - A stream of rapid-fire CSS microgames
  • Code Crunchers - A game for learning Java script math
  • CSS Surgeon - A game for learning to scale, rotate and move elements with CSS transform
  • Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox
  • Flexbox Froggy Pro - A game for mastering CSS flexbox with infinite practice levels
  • Grid Garden - A game for learning CSS grid
  • Nester - A game for nesting HTML code
  • Nth Cart - A game for learning about the :nth-child() CSS selector
  • Selector Showdown - A game for learning CSS selector specificity
  • Sherlock Scope - A game for learning Javascript scope
  • Sourcery - A magical game of coding HTML with emmet.

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