Backdrop CMS - Free Open Source CMS Built in PHP


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Backdrop CMS - Free Open Source CMS Built in PHP

Backdrop is a free open source content management system, which is built on Drupal 7. It comes with improved UI, new and stable features and fast performance. It is based on PHP and MySQL. It lets you build modern, comprehensive personal and business websites. Most of the modules (70+) of drupal 7 are merged into backdrop core and more than 96% (more than 750) of drupal modules are ready for backdrop cms.  

As it is a free open source script, which anyone can use, download and share. It supports built-in upgrade path from drupal 7. It gives you the ability to browse and install add-ons and themes directly from your own website. No need to search the internet for available modules, themes, and layouts.

Major Features of Backdrop:

  • Built-in Upgrade from Drupal 7
  • Serves Pages Fast
  • Directly Installation of Add-ons from Website
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive UI
  • Advanced Content Management System
  • Improved Security
  • and much more.