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Free is a free online Text-to-Speech (TTS) website that utilizes AI technology to provide over 200 standard AI voices and natural human-like voices in more than 50 languages worldwide. 

You can utilize these voices for various purposes, including work-related tasks and creating videos for social media platforms and personal websites. The platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies from Google and Microsoft to offer customizable features such as voice speed, pitch, volume, pause, emphasis, audio format, and audio profile settings, enabling users to create highly realistic TTS outputs. offers a variety of voices and languages to choose from, making it a versatile tool for creating audio content or assisting with accessibility needs. allows due to specify:

  • Voice Pitch
  • Voice Speed
  • Background music

The Free Plans includes:

  • Upto 500 chars per convert (Guest) to  2000 chars per convert (Members)
  • 50 converts / day (Guest) to 100 converts / day (Members)
  • 500,000 characters / month (Members)
  • 50+ Voices (Guest) to 100+ Voices (Members)
  • 20+ Languages(Guest) to 30+ Languages (Members)
  • Dedicated Support 

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