Origami - Design, Animate & Prototype


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Origami - Design, Animate & Prototype

Origami is a designer software that helps designers to create interactive interfaces and make quick and appealing designs. It is a free designing & prototyping tool created by facebook. It gives you the visual components for drawings and text editing tools to design your prototypes. It helps you build the modern era mobile supported animations.

Origami suppresses many interesting features, one of which is working with combination of Sketch and Figma. So, if you are working on these web tools, you are able to switch without any data loss.

The most commonly used features of Origami are:

  • Quick Interactions - Connections between screens with built in Present and Dismiss animations.
  • Interactive Components - Visually layout your components in the Canvas and combine with powerful interactions in the Patch Editor.
  • Photo Library - Import images directly from your devices
  • GPS Data - Display Maps according to their current location
  • Easy Sharing and Importing tools - Share and Import pictures directly from UI
  • Device Motion - Access accelerometer and gyroscope information
  • and many more